Day 22: Elephants and ladyboys

Visited Elephant Nature Park this morning. A sanctuary started to give elephants used during the now banned lumber industry in Thailand a resting place. They also have about 400 dogs and lots of water buffalo that have been rescued. If you’ve never been close to an elephant or touched one, it’s out of this world. They are huge and are surprisingly very dexterous with their trunk. We mostly walked around and watched them all day, feeding them twice and bathing them in the river.

For dinner I had khao soy, which is a northern Thai curry dish with noodles that I haven’t seen anywhere else. When I asked if it’s available in Bangkok, the local said he’s never seen it. I definitely haven’t seen it in the states and it’s a shame.

There was a free ladyboy cabaret show as long as you bought a beer. For the 100 baht beer, we got an hour-long extravaganza that was extremely entertaining, and the ladyboys were gorgeous. Two of the waitstaff took pictures with me and it might have been the happiest moment of my life. See above.

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